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ohhhh yeah, i'm moving in 8 days and i just got it... talk about a sigh of relief.

today is my last day of placement.
i have two exams to go then i am a certified social service worker. weird.

i was looking at chairtyvillage.com for jobs and there are a few good ones that would suit my time table. one of them is a receptionist at the children’s aid society, paying 18.05 an hour, that would be bloody sweet if i got it.

things are starting to look up. lets hope that i didnt jinks myself by saying that.

i am worried to be a university student. my classes start on tuesday the first of may and the two classes that i will currently be taking are in different buildings, one on queen the other on jerrard. here's hopin' that i can make my way there.
contemporary moral issues I - 9:00 - 12:30
philosophy and film - 1 - 4:00
long day, but well worth it.

i also got a transfer to the payless shoes near my rez, that is exciting that i will have a job.
i feel like i havent posted good news in here forever! i'm so happy right now.
it is beautiful outside.
i am going to go find a sprinkler to jump through.
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the plan:
go to ryerson in the social work program. live with devon over the summer.
scratch that.
take open courses over the summer to get into the 3rd year advanced standing program. live with adam. the courses: contemporary moral issues, philosophy of love and sex, sociology of gender.
scratch that.
take open courses over the summer. contemporary moral issues, philosophy and film, canada and the united states - a history. live with aaron.
scratch that.
live with john
scratch that.
currently the fucking plan is to live in www.neill-wycik.ca residence. its close to school. close-ish to a payless and not too too too expensive. living there i will get more work done. but i wont have as much fun. 
so many of my plans have been ruined lately, i'm really hoping that this neill wycik shit falls through tho, if it doesnt i will be fucked. 

shit. i just now realized that i left my debit card back in trenton. i honestly think i left it at wahoo's. thats sad. 
yeah. trenton was fun. i only went out one night and spent the rest of the time with my family. i missed them a lot. being home was great, but i realized that i would never be able to move back in with my family. i love them, dont get me wrong - but listening to them bicker back and forth was tiring. 
i would rather live with my fucking insane housemates than hear people i love yell at eachother. 

damn it... i cant believe i have to get another debit card, i loose them religiously. 
in 19 days i will be moving to toronto and i'm still not sure where i will be living. that scares me. i've never been the type of person who can just wing things. it really stresses me out. 
whatever. ever.what.what.ev.er.whatever.

oh yeah:
*my i pod is broken (again)
*i bought tickets to see bjork and the smashing pumpkins [and a bunch of other great artists] in september, i cant freeking wait.

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here are a few pics from toronto.
everyone has facebook now and i dont. so when i asked carinna to send me pictures she only sent me the ones with me in them.
but here are a few:

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everytime devon and i hear "mr.jones" we are shot right back to parties at kiels house in the summer. when this song started playing there matt devon and i sang our hearts out.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
i look like i just took a shot in this picture... i wonder if i did.

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haha. i have no idea what is going on in this picture.
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i havent posted in a long time.

my reading week went fantastic-ish.
i worked until the last thursday and went to toronto on that day. there was a storm and the bus took 3 hours to get from scarborough to toronto. i didnt want to use the bathroom on the bus but then i almost peed my pants so i did. and i will never use it again. at leat not in a traffic jam.
toronto was fun. i really enjoy it there. it was hilarys birthday that weekend so we partied like it was 1999. i confirmed living with adam over the summer. he lives in the ghetto and i plan on getting pepper spray and possibly a knife to accompany me on my walks home from work and school and what not.
my classes start april 30th. april freeking 30th!
the plan:
my last exam is april 27
move on the 28th
29th find the school
30th go to classes.
i'm a university student, who'd a thunk it?
my classes:
9:00 - 12:30 Mondays and Wednesdays - Contemporary Moral Issues I
9:30 -12:00 Tuesdays and Thursdays - Sociology of Gender
july 12 -August 01 6:00 - 9:00 Mondays and Wednesdays - Philosophy of Love and Sex

these are third and fourth year classes and i am nervous as all heck. the classes sound super-de-duper interesting tho and i am more excited than nervous. ok. maybe 50% excited and 50% nervous.

ummm.. i am getting a transfer from the payless here to one in toronto. good that i will have a job. while i'm there however i am going to look for a job in my field.

i think that living with adam will be decent. hes a nice guy and both of us enjoy our "me time". he makes me laugh and i'm sure he will entertain me for the duration of my time there.
growl grumble.
i have pictures to post from toronto, but i am at placement and they are on my computer at home.

women of the world by jim o'rourke is one of the best songs i've listened to in a while. it really makes me feel at ease. even though lyrically it likely shouldt.
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i can not get accepted into third year advanced standing either. apparently i have to take three other courses (on top of the one that i have to get accepted into) in order to get in.
so here is the freaking plan:
move to toronto in may, live with either devon or adam for the summer. take the three upper and lower level courses that i need to take. then, in the fall take as many open social work classes that i can (apparently there are quite a few) and work in an agency. if i cant get a job in an agency; volunteer.
re-apply next year with all of the requirements and more. i will then be exempted from all of the classes that i would have taken in the fall and in the end, make up for the "lost" including next year, it should only take me three to 4 years to get my masters and be working in the field. i have to make sure that i get at least (at very least) an 85 in all of the classes i take.
there is no way that i am not going to get accepted in '08. apparently thousands of people apply for this program every year (i was one of them) only 60 people meet the requirements (i did not) and only 30 people get accepted (i will get accepted). i need to blow ryerson out of the water with my experience and marks. it is going to happen, i want this so bad.
from september to whenever i will be living with hilary, quite exciting. i hope we find a cheep place tho, i wont be able to afford too much.
do you get osap if you are only a part time student? not that i need to be in debt more, but i doubt i would be able to pay for school and housing without it.
anyway, it sucks that i wont be able to be a full time student in the fall.
it sucks that i cant go home for the summer
it sucks that i paid 200 bucks to apply to schools and it turns out that i didnt need to.
it sucks that i will have to pay to live in toronto over the summer
its great that i'm not completely stuck
its great that i am not missing out on too much time
its great that i have parents that are so supportive that are willing to try and help me finically - even though i know they cant
its great that i have people that i can crash with over the summer

in the end its not that horrible. i am disappointed that all isnt going to turn out as i planned. as corny as it sounds i really did wish on eyelashes, and wish when the time was 11:11 (its 11:11 RIGHT NOW) i really wanted to get in this fall. everything does happen for a reason, be it karma or maybe i'm just not ready.
next year i will be. i have to be.

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i got a letter from ryerson on thursday at my parents place. it was talking about all of these things that i need to send into ryerson within the next 10 days in order to be considered for acceptance. the letter is labeled advanced standings, which i did not apply for. so, i figured that ryerson had made a mistake. our internet was shut off on friday because we had to switch over the names. anyway, because it was shut off i had to do some buisness at placement with ryerson (i needed the internet for my ouac confirmation and to read a few of the e mails that ryerson has sent me) anyway, so i go there and call them. i find out, at placement that i cannot get accepted into the first year social work program because i have already taken 2 years at algonquin.[i started crying at placement]. so, ryerson automatically switched my application over to 3rd year advanced standings. in order to get into this program, where space is extremely limited i need to take a course (if i get accepted into the course) over the summer from may to june - in toronto. this means that i have to wait even longer and do much more work to see if i get in. i'm so frustrated. firstly, i dont even know where i would stay if i had to stay in toronto for that month, secondly, i dont know if i have the funds to do so. my initial idea was to move back home for the summer and get a full time job doing whatever. now, i would have to not work for a month, pay to live in toronto and pay to take this course. also, my average needs to be much higher. i'm really worried that i am not going to get accepted. i cant imagine living in ottawa for another 4 years, i just cant. my life plan has taken a 180 in the last 2 days and i am really struggling to catch up. i wish acceptance to schools was based on ambition and passion.

i really do have the worst luck. not in the world. but its pretty bad. someone, please shove a horseshoe up my ass ASAP.

oh yeah, i cant find my digital camera... i have no idea where it would be.
i have a midterm that i desperately need to study for... i have class from 9-11 tomorrow then i work from 12-close. the midterm is at 8am on tuesday, so i guess my only time to study is right now.
i need to stop typing
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I have 4 livejournal friends
9 air miles.
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i want to make my livejournal pretty.

here are a bunch of wallpapers, jazz, julia and jenna you are my readers, please comment. also, does someone wanna tell me how to actually change the background?

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1) this one is nice... might be hard to write with

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2) i like this one, its a bit light tho.

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3) this one is pretty

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4) i really like this one

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5) julia, is yours almost exactly like this one?

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6) haha.

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7) this one is really pretty too.

ok, please vote.
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so... busy.

yesterday i had class from 8-12 the i came to placement for a 12:30 meeting, then went home and showered, then went back to class from 4-6, then got lost downtown, then met jenna and chris for drinks, then went to see camera obscura (!!). they were really great, her voice is wonderful, when she was singing she made it look so effortless. anyway, the show was beautiful. i got a snap on and was feeling it slightly this morning when i had to be at placement for 8:30. i just met with my first client in a counselling session. very interesting.
in an hour we have a staff meeting then i have to go to work. i am pooped.

so, a few livejournal posts ago i was talking about how i have nothing to do at placement, now i have a tone of stuff to do. here is what it is looking like:

- glbttq youth group (*this is the group that i wasnt able to do, but howie [hehe] the e.d here, found someone to run the group with me. i have no idea what night we are going to run this. but, we really need to start soon, its an 8 week group and its almost feb. we havent even started the recruiting process - better yet, i havent even met my future co-facilitator.
- shadowing counselling, writing case notes and doing logs, also a long analysis at termination.
-girls self esteem group, likely run on tuesday nights.
-l.d/a.d.h.d group, for parents with kids with adhd or l.d's. again, this will be run at night and i have no idea what night i can do it on
-policy work with equity and human resources
-rainbow youth forum, doing monthly events for glbttq youth (and alys!) we are in the middle of planning one right now.

thats a freeking lot.
plus i am working 20 hours a week. i am going to need to book a night off work for all these groups. i dont work tuesdays because i have class until 6, but the centre is open late on tuesdays so there are already a zillion groups run out of here.
i was thinking that i really want to quit work. i just got osap and that gave me approx 3,000. thats a tone of money. i need to pay off my visa however... 1000 there, and rent for three more months... 1000 there, bills for 4 more months ...300 there... bus pass for three more months... 180 there... groceries for 4 more months, plus the cost of all the food i eat at placmeent and from the caf at school...about 400 there...all my vices... coffee, cigarettes, booze, clothes, cd's... too much money spent on all of that, plus my drunken generosity that gets me everytime.
damn, i need that stupid job.

i'm so tired.

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ofcourse, i'm at placement. i need a friggin' coffee but i only have a dollar in my bank account. a dollar, thats fucking shitty.
i did however get a check from the government yesterday for almost 600 bucks. i have no idea why i got it but i am not about to question it. i am actually going to run to the bank in 10 minutes and diposit it, i went earlier today but the bank doesnt open until 10, and it closes at 4. what the hell kind of stupid bank has those hours? maybe its all banks, what do i know.
i also want to pick up a pair of boots at winners, its in the same plaza as the bank, and after i have that money on my plastic swipe card i dont know if i will be able to resist. the boots arn't warm or practical at all, but they're cute, and who can resist cute.

so, i asked a boy on a date - over msn, naturally. he said sure, which was not the wording i was looking for so i just left it there. this is exactly how the conversation went:

me - "so, i'm just going to throw this out there - would you like to grab a coffee or catch a movie or something else vague like that sometime?"

him - "sure, just let me know when you would like to"

me - "cool, i am going to go make tacos, i'll talk to you later"

him - "c ya!!"

i dont know how to take that, really its not that big of a deal, i'm not looking to date date anyone, just for some fun, i havent been on an actual date in forever, and its annoying sometimes when i live in a house filled with chicks who have boyfriends. i'm not jealous, well, occasionally i am, but for the most part i'm not. i might be moving to toronto in september (dear god, i hope i do) so i am just looking for someone to go to the movies with, or call occasionally. now that i am typing this out i am questioing why i would want to start something like that and just leave it with loose ends, also, why that someone cant just be a friend - but it still sounds somewhat appealing.

ottawa is cold right now.
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