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so... busy. yesterday i had class from 8-12 the i came to placement…

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so... busy.

yesterday i had class from 8-12 the i came to placement for a 12:30 meeting, then went home and showered, then went back to class from 4-6, then got lost downtown, then met jenna and chris for drinks, then went to see camera obscura (!!). they were really great, her voice is wonderful, when she was singing she made it look so effortless. anyway, the show was beautiful. i got a snap on and was feeling it slightly this morning when i had to be at placement for 8:30. i just met with my first client in a counselling session. very interesting.
in an hour we have a staff meeting then i have to go to work. i am pooped.

so, a few livejournal posts ago i was talking about how i have nothing to do at placement, now i have a tone of stuff to do. here is what it is looking like:

- glbttq youth group (*this is the group that i wasnt able to do, but howie [hehe] the e.d here, found someone to run the group with me. i have no idea what night we are going to run this. but, we really need to start soon, its an 8 week group and its almost feb. we havent even started the recruiting process - better yet, i havent even met my future co-facilitator.
- shadowing counselling, writing case notes and doing logs, also a long analysis at termination.
-girls self esteem group, likely run on tuesday nights.
-l.d/a.d.h.d group, for parents with kids with adhd or l.d's. again, this will be run at night and i have no idea what night i can do it on
-policy work with equity and human resources
-rainbow youth forum, doing monthly events for glbttq youth (and alys!) we are in the middle of planning one right now.

thats a freeking lot.
plus i am working 20 hours a week. i am going to need to book a night off work for all these groups. i dont work tuesdays because i have class until 6, but the centre is open late on tuesdays so there are already a zillion groups run out of here.
i was thinking that i really want to quit work. i just got osap and that gave me approx 3,000. thats a tone of money. i need to pay off my visa however... 1000 there, and rent for three more months... 1000 there, bills for 4 more months ...300 there... bus pass for three more months... 180 there... groceries for 4 more months, plus the cost of all the food i eat at placmeent and from the caf at school...about 400 there...all my vices... coffee, cigarettes, booze, clothes, cd's... too much money spent on all of that, plus my drunken generosity that gets me everytime.
damn, i need that stupid job.

i'm so tired.

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