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the plan:
go to ryerson in the social work program. live with devon over the summer.
scratch that.
take open courses over the summer to get into the 3rd year advanced standing program. live with adam. the courses: contemporary moral issues, philosophy of love and sex, sociology of gender.
scratch that.
take open courses over the summer. contemporary moral issues, philosophy and film, canada and the united states - a history. live with aaron.
scratch that.
live with john
scratch that.
currently the fucking plan is to live in www.neill-wycik.ca residence. its close to school. close-ish to a payless and not too too too expensive. living there i will get more work done. but i wont have as much fun. 
so many of my plans have been ruined lately, i'm really hoping that this neill wycik shit falls through tho, if it doesnt i will be fucked. 

shit. i just now realized that i left my debit card back in trenton. i honestly think i left it at wahoo's. thats sad. 
yeah. trenton was fun. i only went out one night and spent the rest of the time with my family. i missed them a lot. being home was great, but i realized that i would never be able to move back in with my family. i love them, dont get me wrong - but listening to them bicker back and forth was tiring. 
i would rather live with my fucking insane housemates than hear people i love yell at eachother. 

damn it... i cant believe i have to get another debit card, i loose them religiously. 
in 19 days i will be moving to toronto and i'm still not sure where i will be living. that scares me. i've never been the type of person who can just wing things. it really stresses me out. 
whatever. ever.what.what.ev.er.whatever.

oh yeah:
*my i pod is broken (again)
*i bought tickets to see bjork and the smashing pumpkins [and a bunch of other great artists] in september, i cant freeking wait.

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On April 10th, 2007 10:43 pm (UTC), jazz_spazz commented:
i can't believe you were in trenton and i didn't see you, i thought you weren't coming home for easter for some reason, prolly cuz hil and kristy weren't coming home and i associate you with toronto folk. haven't seen you in forever, i don't think i even got to see you over christmas, well thanks a lot for callin! lol
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