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ofcourse, i'm at placement. i need a friggin' coffee but i only have…

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ofcourse, i'm at placement. i need a friggin' coffee but i only have a dollar in my bank account. a dollar, thats fucking shitty.
i did however get a check from the government yesterday for almost 600 bucks. i have no idea why i got it but i am not about to question it. i am actually going to run to the bank in 10 minutes and diposit it, i went earlier today but the bank doesnt open until 10, and it closes at 4. what the hell kind of stupid bank has those hours? maybe its all banks, what do i know.
i also want to pick up a pair of boots at winners, its in the same plaza as the bank, and after i have that money on my plastic swipe card i dont know if i will be able to resist. the boots arn't warm or practical at all, but they're cute, and who can resist cute.

so, i asked a boy on a date - over msn, naturally. he said sure, which was not the wording i was looking for so i just left it there. this is exactly how the conversation went:

me - "so, i'm just going to throw this out there - would you like to grab a coffee or catch a movie or something else vague like that sometime?"

him - "sure, just let me know when you would like to"

me - "cool, i am going to go make tacos, i'll talk to you later"

him - "c ya!!"

i dont know how to take that, really its not that big of a deal, i'm not looking to date date anyone, just for some fun, i havent been on an actual date in forever, and its annoying sometimes when i live in a house filled with chicks who have boyfriends. i'm not jealous, well, occasionally i am, but for the most part i'm not. i might be moving to toronto in september (dear god, i hope i do) so i am just looking for someone to go to the movies with, or call occasionally. now that i am typing this out i am questioing why i would want to start something like that and just leave it with loose ends, also, why that someone cant just be a friend - but it still sounds somewhat appealing.

ottawa is cold right now.
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On January 27th, 2007 01:13 am (UTC), jazz_spazz commented:
doesn't the cold make you happy tho? I like it, it reminds me that there is still snow and global warming hasn't completely consumed us yet.

I complained to Adam that we hadnt gone on a date in a long time, looooong time, so he took me out on a date last night, dinner and a movie. Dates are fun, they keep you occupied, hopefully you get to go on the date with the nice boy :)
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