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youve got to be kidding me

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i got a letter from ryerson on thursday at my parents place. it was talking about all of these things that i need to send into ryerson within the next 10 days in order to be considered for acceptance. the letter is labeled advanced standings, which i did not apply for. so, i figured that ryerson had made a mistake. our internet was shut off on friday because we had to switch over the names. anyway, because it was shut off i had to do some buisness at placement with ryerson (i needed the internet for my ouac confirmation and to read a few of the e mails that ryerson has sent me) anyway, so i go there and call them. i find out, at placement that i cannot get accepted into the first year social work program because i have already taken 2 years at algonquin.[i started crying at placement]. so, ryerson automatically switched my application over to 3rd year advanced standings. in order to get into this program, where space is extremely limited i need to take a course (if i get accepted into the course) over the summer from may to june - in toronto. this means that i have to wait even longer and do much more work to see if i get in. i'm so frustrated. firstly, i dont even know where i would stay if i had to stay in toronto for that month, secondly, i dont know if i have the funds to do so. my initial idea was to move back home for the summer and get a full time job doing whatever. now, i would have to not work for a month, pay to live in toronto and pay to take this course. also, my average needs to be much higher. i'm really worried that i am not going to get accepted. i cant imagine living in ottawa for another 4 years, i just cant. my life plan has taken a 180 in the last 2 days and i am really struggling to catch up. i wish acceptance to schools was based on ambition and passion.

i really do have the worst luck. not in the world. but its pretty bad. someone, please shove a horseshoe up my ass ASAP.

oh yeah, i cant find my digital camera... i have no idea where it would be.
i have a midterm that i desperately need to study for... i have class from 9-11 tomorrow then i work from 12-close. the midterm is at 8am on tuesday, so i guess my only time to study is right now.
i need to stop typing
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On February 12th, 2007 12:26 am (UTC), jazz_spazz commented:
ohhhhhh nooo Aime :(:(:(:( You really do have the worst of luck :(

I'm really sorry that happened, that really sucks. Didn't you apply to other places for next year though? I thought you had told me that.

Just remember, it may not seem it right now, but everything will work out in the end, some way or another. You may not get in for next year, but maybe the next, and maybe you will get in. And if you do need to be in Toronto for the summer, I'm sure you will find a place to stay, you have lotsa friends there :).

I miss you, I really need to get together with you soon and take your mind off things. When is your reading week? Mine starts this friday, the 16th. Hopefully yours is the same and we can get together, I have only seen you ONCE since the summer!!

love you.
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