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ohhhkay. i can not get accepted into third year advanced standing…

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i can not get accepted into third year advanced standing either. apparently i have to take three other courses (on top of the one that i have to get accepted into) in order to get in.
so here is the freaking plan:
move to toronto in may, live with either devon or adam for the summer. take the three upper and lower level courses that i need to take. then, in the fall take as many open social work classes that i can (apparently there are quite a few) and work in an agency. if i cant get a job in an agency; volunteer.
re-apply next year with all of the requirements and more. i will then be exempted from all of the classes that i would have taken in the fall and in the end, make up for the "lost" including next year, it should only take me three to 4 years to get my masters and be working in the field. i have to make sure that i get at least (at very least) an 85 in all of the classes i take.
there is no way that i am not going to get accepted in '08. apparently thousands of people apply for this program every year (i was one of them) only 60 people meet the requirements (i did not) and only 30 people get accepted (i will get accepted). i need to blow ryerson out of the water with my experience and marks. it is going to happen, i want this so bad.
from september to whenever i will be living with hilary, quite exciting. i hope we find a cheep place tho, i wont be able to afford too much.
do you get osap if you are only a part time student? not that i need to be in debt more, but i doubt i would be able to pay for school and housing without it.
anyway, it sucks that i wont be able to be a full time student in the fall.
it sucks that i cant go home for the summer
it sucks that i paid 200 bucks to apply to schools and it turns out that i didnt need to.
it sucks that i will have to pay to live in toronto over the summer
its great that i'm not completely stuck
its great that i am not missing out on too much time
its great that i have parents that are so supportive that are willing to try and help me finically - even though i know they cant
its great that i have people that i can crash with over the summer

in the end its not that horrible. i am disappointed that all isnt going to turn out as i planned. as corny as it sounds i really did wish on eyelashes, and wish when the time was 11:11 (its 11:11 RIGHT NOW) i really wanted to get in this fall. everything does happen for a reason, be it karma or maybe i'm just not ready.
next year i will be. i have to be.

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On February 20th, 2007 04:00 am (UTC), jazz_spazz commented:
holy freaking shit. you are going to be busy as hell! But I know you can do it :). Goodluck!
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