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woo hoo

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ohhhh yeah, i'm moving in 8 days and i just got it... talk about a sigh of relief.

today is my last day of placement.
i have two exams to go then i am a certified social service worker. weird.

i was looking at chairtyvillage.com for jobs and there are a few good ones that would suit my time table. one of them is a receptionist at the children’s aid society, paying 18.05 an hour, that would be bloody sweet if i got it.

things are starting to look up. lets hope that i didnt jinks myself by saying that.

i am worried to be a university student. my classes start on tuesday the first of may and the two classes that i will currently be taking are in different buildings, one on queen the other on jerrard. here's hopin' that i can make my way there.
contemporary moral issues I - 9:00 - 12:30
philosophy and film - 1 - 4:00
long day, but well worth it.

i also got a transfer to the payless shoes near my rez, that is exciting that i will have a job.
i feel like i havent posted good news in here forever! i'm so happy right now.
it is beautiful outside.
i am going to go find a sprinkler to jump through.
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nepean, rideau and osgoode community resource centre
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hair down - cold war kids (in my head)
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On April 22nd, 2007 06:29 pm (UTC), jazz_spazz commented:
YAYYYYY!! I told you things would all work out :) wow it's crazy thinking that in 2 years you could get a really good job, I feel like I'm not even close to done, BLAHHH. Good luck on the rest of your exams darling :)
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