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i havent made a post in forever, its a good thing that only three people read this.

ohhkay. i guess i will start from christmas? i had to work until christmas eve, which sucked, then my brothers came to pick me up and we drove home. on the 23rd i went to a party in carleton place and stayed up the whole night, i went to work without even having a wink of sleep, so on the way home i passed out.
home was nice, as was christmas. i got this awesome jeff buckley dvd, live in chicago. man.. he was so freaking sexy. i also got the new tom waits album and a few clothes. my parents said i was too hard to shop for so i ended up getting a lot of cash to spend foolishly.
boxing day (also julia's birthday :)) hilary and i went to spend some of my moola. i got clothes. ofcourse. that night we went to wahoo's, because no visit to trenton is complete unless i drink there. i danced my heart out and did karaoke with devon to the cranberries. haha.

eventually, i think on the 28th or something i went to toronto. good times were had, a lot of money was spent. i helped devon pack up her room at her old rez and move into her beautiful new house. they have a kitty there named lamby, it doesnt really look like a lamb, but it has a huge furry white tale, so cute. new years eve was fun, we went to a friends old place that she was moving out of - a lot of people ended up coming it was pretty fun, poor hilary got quite intoxicated and was.. umm.. ill from midnight on. poor thing.
in toronto i drank, spent money and had a good time. on the first i came back to ottawa and started school the next day.

monday - 9-11 - political ideologies
tuesday - 8-10 - working with families (the proff for this course is a masters proff at ottawa u for social working, shes really cool)
10-12 - seminar
4-6 - community development
wednesday - 8:30 - 4:30 - placement
thursday - 8:30 -4:30 - placement
friday - 8:30 - 4:30 - placement

school is... good. i will be happy when i graduate in a few months and have some time off.
work is... ok. minimum wage is shitty.

since i've been back in ottawa i've had a pretty good time. i love my roomates dearly, but they get on my nerves sometimes. deanna (dubbed my favourite roomate) had her older sister living in our basement from august to this month, our landlords found out and kicked her out and i am going to miss her dearly. her and i got along so well and she treated me like a sister, she is also single so her and i would always band together when everyone's boyfriends would come over... which is all the freaking time.

placement is not going that well right now. there isnt enough funding for the group i created and was suppose to run so i still dont have client contact. i'm a little stressed about this, plus the fact that i am paying to be here is also making me mad. i should be getting exprrence, not posting livejournals.

here are some pictures from the past week in ottawa. we had a girls night last week involving chinese food and a trip downtown. i had a great time.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
myself and janice, after dinner and pre-drinking at my place

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
deanna decided to make a funnel out of a plastic pop bottle, it was the most hilarious thing to walk into the kitchen and see her sawing a pop bottle in half with a steak knife.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
jen and dana. jen got a job dental assisting in kingston, so this was her last night in ottawa.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
the girls downtown. chrissy, janice, amanda, deanna myself and ange.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
myself and dana.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
amanda and myself

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
me at the end of the night sleeping on the couch.

there are a lot of other pictures, but i dont want to put all of them on my computer here at placement, haha.
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*a child pretending to be a cat in one of the groups here.
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at placement yet again.
i havent done any work today. none, nothing at all - and i intend on keeping it that way.

what i did accomplish:

-did christmas cards for everyone in the office, all personalized and all ready to go.
-put together a birthday present for a friend of mine here.
-went to winners and spend money that i surly dont have on things that i surly dont need. damn it aime, i shouldnt have done that
-contemplated returning the stuff i got to get some cold hard cash back.
-sent a card to the twin (a.k.a - chris) regarding the christmas eve slumber party.
-checked my e mail about 43 times
-stared off into space
-posted a livejournal entry.

ohhhhh kay. i'm bored.
i am soooo looking forward to going home for christmas. marc and chirstopher will be picking me up at my place after work on christmas eve. then on boxing day or something i am hoping to see everyone. jasmine, i miss you dearly, we must see eachother asap. i'm hoping that britt or someone will have a party (adam likely will)
i wonder what is up for new years eve. i caught word of toronto, which would be fun, but i want to see everyone and i doubt that everyone will go to toronto. i also have to come back to ottawa on new years day because my classes start up again at 9am on the 2nd.

an hour and a half and i am outta here.
time to make a card for marc, check my e mail yet again and possibly take a walk around the mall - without my debit card.
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amused amused
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glue man - fugazi (in my noggin)
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today i protested my little heart out. the "issue" for same sex marriages was being re-visited today. i'd like to put emphasis on the RE-visited part, as in this "issue" has already beed "dealt" with. there was no reason for it to be re-opened or re-debated. anyway, today there was a protest held on parliament hill. there were quite a few of us there with signs and rage.
i got interviewed by some french channel and was on the news.. woot woot. i dont understand why this is something that should be dealt with in parliament. i mean, it has nothing to do with them, if same sex marriages should be debated by anyone it should be the church. and dont get me started on them. i'm such a cynic.
we got to go in for the decision and it was entirely nerve wracking. the way the liberals and conservatives bickered back and forth was barbaric. i cant believe that these children are running our country.

the conclusion?

people in love can marry each other!
it was amazing to feel the weight lifted off of people's shoulders when that was announced. that decision just changed peoples lives all over the country. people in love can now get married, a common goal share by a lot of people.
it was so great to be there for that, i feel like i just witnessed history.
i came home and i was so excited. i called my mom and wanted to tell her all about it. just as i was letting her know how happy i was she came out with this question,
"well, youre not gay are you?"

me - "excuse me? firstly, that question shouldnt have left your mouth. if i was i would have told you a long time ago. secondly, what does it matter?"

mom - "well, you know... i was just making sure"

me - ""making sure" what? its not like the sky is falling or my house is on fire - this isn't something to "make sure" about. and if i was it wouldn't matter - i understand that you come from a religious family with certain beliefs, and from a time where something like two people being in love could be seen as something to be alarmed about, but have no fear mom, there's nothing wrong."

mom - "ok. ok, aime, i love you."

me - "i love you too mom, i do, just, it shouldnt be a big deal"

i love my mother dearly, but she really put a damper on my excited mood. i understand that she is coming from a motherly perspective – kind of - but damn, i dont get why same sex marriages is such a big deal. maybe i'm being ignorant, but i just dont get it.
love = marriage. its a pretty easy concept to me.

welcome to 2006, a time when love shouldn't be debated by our government.

dont we have more important issues to tie up our time with?
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lali puna - micronomic
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*i hate exam time
*i love the vacation after exams
*i love getting a seat on the bus
*i hate it when its not busy on the bus and someone still sits right beside you
*i love it when i have a confident day
*i hate when i have an ugly day and i have to go to work and clean the mirrors
*i hate waiting for an acceptance / rejection letter from universities
*i hate not knowing what i want to do next year
*i love that i am still young enough that its not the end of the world
*i love my friends
*i hate that i cant have all of them in the same room at the same time
*i love the feeling you get when you put on a perfect song for the perfect moment, even if that moment involves you crying or getting upset. its still perfect.
*i hate not having money
*i hate having it because i spend it like i am never going to run out - then i run out
*i love sleeping in until you cant sleep in any more
*i hate waking up really early, but love it when i have days that i have accomplished a lot
*i love the feeling i get when i write something i am proud of
*i hate not knowing how i did on a test
*i also hate thinking i did really well, and when i check my mark find out that i didnt do that well
*i hate it when i am sick
*i hate it when my family gets sick
*i love it when it is beautiful outside, the weather doesnt matter
*i hate it when people say "i seen"
*i hate being corrected
*i love a good wine
*i hate the hangover
*i love it when my room is clean
*i love cleaning it listening to nina simone
*i hate it when my purse is stolen
*i hate being lonely
*i hate being crowded
*i love love
*i hate the baggage of love
*i hate my job
*i hate the tiny paycheque that comes with it
*i love that i actually get a paycheque and wonder what would happen if i didnt have one
*i love the pain of getting a tattoo
*i sometimes hate that tattoos are permanent
*i hate our guinnipig, simon
*i love it when deanna brings him out when shes been drinking
*i love concerts
*i love being excited about things that are in the future
*i hate being let down that they aren't as great as i thought they were going to be
*i love it when a singers voice breaks
*i love the sound of a violin
*i hate missing my family
*i hate not having a sister
*i love having two brothers

i love and hate a lot of things
then i realize that those words are far too strong to describe any of the above
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thirsty thirsty
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Olsen Olsen - Sigur Ros
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I am soaked, i just went on my lunch break back to my house and the bus took forever now i am soaked cuz it is pouring out.
i'm wearing a grey t shirt and it is only wet down my back and on my chest. i look like i just sweat a lot.
also, my boots are soaked, as are my feet and i must be at work with wet feet, a wet chest and back in 2 hours... i wonder if i will be dry by then. mind you, i need to bus it to work, which means waiting outside at the bus stop in the rain which then again = me getting wet.

i am worried about next year. i feel like now that i am graduating i am just left at the end of this tunnel with no where to go. i want to go back to get my masters, but i dont know where and i dont know if i even have enough money to do so. i need to get a better job.
payless scheduled me to work on christmas eve and on boxing day. if they dont change the schedule i will quit and then have no money at all.
i just had to sell some cd's about an hour ago so i can buy some groceries.
why oh why am i so poor?

i'm cold, and wet and i want to be warm and not wet.
anyway, yes, i feel like the only time i post in here lately is to bitch about my crappy day / luck.
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bitchy bitchy
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life on mars- david bowie (in my head)
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feels like i'm bored at placement a lot these days.
well, ladies and gents - yours truly is FINALLY 19! it sorta kinda sucks that i dont yet have an id to prove it, oh, but i'm 19.
last weekend was fun. firday i went out with some friends to a bar downtown, saturday i worked then we had a party at our place, sunday i went out for lunch and dinner with the family, then went to see saw III, that movie is SO disturbing. it has no plot! there were people gaging in the theater. it scares me that people are twisted enough to come up with monday was the big day. i had class then i went out for dinner with deanna, one of my roomies then got drunk at home. good times.
the gals got me 50$ to spend at la senza. fancy panties here i come!

dylan is this sunday, i cant even express how excited i am... really.
now i just need to see:
the pixies
the cure
and... bring jeff buckley back to life and the concerts of a lifetime are complete. (i'm lying there are a tone more i would love to see, but those are the ones i would chop my left leg off for)

really the only two AMAZING bands i have seen are sigur ros and well... dylan this sunday.
tegan and sara were great, as was joanna newsom - but i mean larger than life bands, bands that make you stay up weeks in advance with excitement.
man, i cant even believe that dylan has come out with another album.

i have a tone of stuff coming up for school. this semester is almost over, school passes by so quickly when you are taking something that you actually enjoy.

back to work.
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nepean, rideau and osgoode community resource centre
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bored bored
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because - the beatles (in my head)
* * *
(*by murder i ment murderer)

AND, because i waited so damn long to get my licence i likely wotn have it for my birthday, which means i'll be using the fake id for the big day.

* * *
$10.00 for my new drivers licence, i'm getting it tomorrow.
and, i just went over to the eyeglasses place here in the mall and they siad that my glasses BROKE when they were being delivered. seriously, i must have been a murder in a past live or something because karma is KICKING MY ASS.

anyway, that 10.00 brings the grand total to:


fuckidy fukes.

* * *
i am finally taking the time to put my purse back together.
get ready to hear (/read) me complain.

purse: $20.00 (i used my discount at payless)
wallet: $20.00
student card: $15.00
health card: dont have it replaced yet, i'm assuming its also $15.00
SIN card: haven't replaced it either, its a pain in the freaking ass
bus pass card: $5.00
buss pass: $20.00 (i'm buying the one that amanda isnt using)
ipod: $433.00 - okay this wasnt a necessity, however, i really really did want an mp3 player back -i didnt need to go for the top of the line tho. (i am in love with it - if that makes spending such a ridiculous amount of money any better)
new key for the house: $5.00
new glasses (i'm getting them today!!) $200.00
lip balm - $4.00 (its funny that i am including my lip balm but, it was in my purse, and it was something that i needed to go buy due to it being stolen)
TOTAL* - $304.00 - i'd just like to point out the fact that that is almost the amount of my rent, almost the amount that i make in a month, and almost the amount that i would spend on books for a semester. i hate you, you stupid thief.
excluding the overpriced ipod that was completely unnecessary for me to buy
it is such a pain in the ass that i have to pay all this money to get shit that was STOLEN from me replaced. there should be some sort of discount or something if you got it stolen.
my second idea:
a thief drop off box. a place where dirty dirty thief’s can drop off the purses and wallets that have all the shit in them that they can't benefit from (i.e my READING GLASSES - photo id, all the stuff that was likely just thrown in a dumpster.)
frankly, i think this is a good idea, sure there are some things that may need to be tweaked, like the fact of a thief actually taking the time to walk up to a box that would give them away as being a thief. or the fact that they actually dont really care about the person they stole from. but still. a thief drop off box. i think its a stellar idea.

ok, back to work at placement.
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lover, you should have come over - jeff buckley - in my head
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my birthday (and christopher's) is in 15 days.
woot woot.

here is a short list of things i long for:

* A package of iron on heat transfer things - maybe two.
*Sweater - nice ones or zip up hoodies, i dont really care which, anything to keep me warm.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
this one is from american apperal, so it is pricy - but at least i know where it was made.
*Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Album - Dis Is Da Drum - Herbie Hancock album
*Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Book - Beautiful Losers - Leonard Cohen
*Oh, also, a USB cord for my digital camera would be wonderful, i have a bunch of photos to post.

well, thats all.
I am excited to turn 19. god, i'm young.

time to study. i've been puting it off all day
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Nausea - Beck
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